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Welcome to the 9.Kompanie Wiki

This area of the website is designed as a Panzergrenadier Handbook for 9.Kompanie recruits and members. Everything here consists of standard operating procedure so that the community may run smoothly in absence of community managers. If there is any reason for a 9.Kompanie member missing any information, this is where they can find said details.

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NOTE: Some items in our handbook are still being worked on. We ask for your patience.

Table of Contents

Kapitel (K) = Chapter | Sektion (S) = Section | Unterabschnitt (U) = Sub-Section
K.I: Introduction
S.1 What is 9.Kompanie?
S.2 Our Mission Statement
S.3 Enlistment Process & Bonus'

K.II: Discipline
S.1 Responsibilities
      U.a General (All Personnel)
      U.b 1.Zug (Frontline Personnel)
      U.c 2.Zug (Reserves & Training)
      U.d Leave of Absence/Extended Leave of Abesence (LOA/ELOA)(Active Personnel)
      U.e Weapon Restrictions
S.2 Demerits
S.3 Discharges
S.4 Public Readings (Hearing)
S.5 Court Martial

K.III: Structure, Chain of Command & Rewards
S.1 Ranks
      U.a Promotion Points
S.2 Company Layout
      U.a Platoon, Squad & Team Layouts
S.3 Awards & Citations
S.4 Tunics / Uniforms
S.5 Ceremonies

K.IV: Events
S.1 Grundausbildung (Basic Training)
S.2 Volkssturm Ausbildung
S.3 Teamspeak Meetings (First Sunday of Every Month @ 1200 EST)
S.4 9.Kompanie Ausbildung (Drills)
      U.a Evaluations & AAR
S.5 Combat Patrols
S.6 Public & Private Scrimmages
S.7 Field Training Exercises (FTX & Joint FTX)
S.8 Mechanized Infantry Assaults (Official Matches)
S.9 Funkerschule (Radio Ops School)
S.10 Scharfschützenschule (Sniper School)
S.11 MG-Schützenschule (MG School)
S.12 Sanitätsschule (Medical School)
S.13 Panzervernichtungsschule (Anti-armor School)
S.14 Unterführerschule (NCO School)
S.15 Junkerschule ((Officer) Candidate School) SS-Junkerschule Bad Tölz

K.V: Military Concepts
S.1 Roles & Duties
S.2 Formations
S.3 Call Outs
S.4 Maneuvering
      U.a Land Navigation/Map Reading
      U.b Assaulting
      U.c Suppression & Bounding
      U.d Flanking & Tracking
      U.e Stacking & Clearing
      U.f Retreating
      U.g Defensive Positioning
S.5 Weapons Qualifications

K.VI: Staff Departments
S.1 Administration
S.2 Propaganda
S.3 Training
S.4 Feldgendarmerie
S.5 Logistics
S.6 Internal Affairs
S.7 Intelligence
S.8 NCO Handbook

Chapter VII: Sources
S.1 History
S.2 Gaming