"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

-George Santayana
>>> NEWS : Squads within 9.Kompanie are growing and will be expecting to face one another in friendly scrimmages in the coming months.            |          193rd GIR is still working closely with 9.Komp to schedule this season's matches.            |          Post Scriptum is nearing release, with this said 9.Kompanie makes our first steps to enter the game by hosting weekly Post Scriptum nights. The door for recruitment is wide open.            |          Recent Donors: M. Wheatley (20 USD), S. Lavasani (15 USD), C. Irwin (100 USD). : NACHRICHTEN <<<


9.Kompanie is an educational organization and virtual reenactment community of students, real life reenactors, first responders & military personnel. We portray a unit of Waffen-SS soldiers for historical research and study purposes. We do not condone the actions of the National Socialist Party, Aryan Supremacy movement, nor the actual SS. Our goal is to preserve history in its' entirety without censorship for future generations to learn of society's failures so as not to repeat the past. ~9.Kompanie Kommand


The Calendar is meant for 9Komp specific events and holidays. The public can join us for the following daily events.

  • Saturday: Open invitation gaming events, just join Teamspeak and ask to play.
  • Sunday: Kompanie Ausbilding/drills at 1300hrs EST. Public scrimmages in Day of Infamy at 1400hrs EST.
  • Every day of the week: Come play other games with us anytime any day!

About Us

9.Kompanie began in the year 2009 as 2.SS, a competitive realism team for Day of Defeat: Source. Taking part in matches against some of the most accurate historical Allied reenactment units in the game, we moved toward a focus on teaching the shadowy, unknown history of the Waffen-SS using real ranks, chain of command, and operating procedures. Financial obligations are a large part of what keeps a gaming community running and at the time, were difficult to meet. Between 2010 and 2015, efforts were made to bring together old 2.SS members to properly mold a virtual reeactment unit. However, it was not until August 2016, when efforts finally hit a peak, causing finances to go through the roof which helped launch 2.SS into a rebirth as 9.Kompanie in Day of Infamy and is now running stronger than ever with some of the most active virtual reenactors with knowledge from the German side of the battlefield. Today, we pride ourselves on the accuracies we have learned to adapt into the gaming realm as well as our pledge not to censor nor bend history to meet the wishes of those offended. We understand the depth and seriousness of the actions the National Socialist Party & Aryan Supremacists took during that era and we especially condemn it as we do not support the political nor ideological views shared by those leading the society of Germany at the time. Nevertheless, we do find it extremely important to our children's and grandchildren's future to teach them specifics so that history may not repeat itself. The purposes for 9.Kompanie is not just to reenact and have fun, but also to alleviate the stigma that people are "racist" simply because they enjoy learning about, both, history's golden and dark events. We encourage those who have a special interest in German history to become apart of our community, and perhaps enlist as a recruit to experience a military simulation closely resembling that of an SS soldier.

Server Information

Join us on our Teamspeak and/or Gaming Servers: ts3.9komp.com:2040

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