"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

-George Santayana
>>> NEWS : 9.Kompanie's Post Scriptum servers have consistently remained populated since we purchased them over the weekend of July 21st.            |          Other units in PS and DoI have been working closely with us to schedule larger organized events. Enlist today!             |          Our Minecraft server is up and running. To be whitelisted, hang around in Teamspeak and get to know staff.            |          Rocket League tournament sign-ups are open. 1st Prize Winner gains a $20 Steam Gift on behalf of 9.Kompanie.            |          Recent Donors: V.D. (51 USD), K.A. (17 USD), C.I. (150 USD). : NACHRICHTEN <<<



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          9.Kompanie is an educational organization and virtual reenactment community of first responder & military personnel, students and real life reenactors. We portray a unit of Waffen-SS soldiers for historical research and study purposes. We do not condone the actions of the National Socialist Party, Aryan Supremacy movement, nor the actual SS. Our goal is to preserve history in its' entirety without censorship for future generations to learn of society's failures so as not to repeat the past.
                                                                                                                                     ~9.Kompanie Kommand

About Us

          In 2009, a group of amateur competitive players from Kansas City, Missouri with an interest in virtual military simulation started the 2.SS realism team in Day of Defeat: Source. Throughout 2009-2015, the team played rival teams in 1-life simulated squad based matches. Although it lost members to the death of DoD:S, it remained active in various WW2 themed games as a casual, loose group.

          August 2016 came and with the Alpha release of Day of Infamy, 9.Kompanie sprung up over the Fall using two servers with GameMe Stats; North American and European. Between Spring and Fall of 2017, 9.Kompanie and sister unit, (16th Infantry Regiment), competed against one another in friendly competition for our project league "The Convention of Nations". The project was our intiative to develop a multi-unit realism based league with an ongoing campaign. Eventually, resources and manpower were redirected to combining 9Komp and 16IR, once again, in November 2017 with an all new Promotion Points system and role courses for Enlisted men to indulge themselves with.

           After all of the game, name, structure and leadership changes, 9.Kompanie has finally become a mark on the map among the realism community. Public events allow us to keep in contact with our supporters. Meanwhile, private events such as; gruppe (squad) drills, Kompanie-wide drills, and field training exercises are regular occurences that keep our men alert and ready to defend Das Reich und seine Verbündeten against Allied virtual reenactment units.